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Steyr Pro Hunter

Steyr Pro Hunter

Product Review (submitted on October 19, 2016):
I purchased the Pro Hunter due to the fact I have always heard they are very good quality rifles. My choice was the 308Win Stainless 20" barrel. I outfitted the rifle with a Zeiss Terra RZ8/3X9X50 scope. The rifle looks awsome and in appearance with the twist on the barrrel in a stainless matte finish. At first I thought the weight may be a problem for me however after shooting it for the first time I see the weight as an advantage to less recoil. With the soooth trigger pull you get a feel of a complete uninterrupted swing in the trigger not a snap or catch feel. Love it!

On my first outing today to the Range ( The Champion Marksmanship Park, Talladegga, Alabama I was grouping shots in the Black .5-1 MOA at 100 yards. I was using Remington Core Lok 150gr Ammo.

My go to rifle prior to purchasing the Pro Hunter has been a Howa 308, Ranchland with a 20" barrel. I have to admit I love the soft synthetic stock on the Howa better than the hard synthetic stock on the Pro Hunter however overall the Steyr is hands down a better rifle. I started to give the Pro Hunter 4 Stars due to the hard stock however its overall shooting ability, made up for this weakness. Action is smooth and crisp. It only took a few minutes to become acustom to the 3-1 Safety. The 308 was my choice due to the fact I will be keeping my old rifle as a back up and my son and son-in-law have 308's so ammo is never a issue on a hunt. I have not tracked a deer over 50 yards with the combination of 308 and Remington Core Lok. Very happy with my purchase.
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