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M-A1 Pistol

M-A1 Pistol

Product Review (submitted on July 26, 2016):
I own 2 Steyr pistols: 9mm and 40SW. 9mm works perfectly. 40SW was finicky from day 1: FTF/FTE sporadically. I contacted Steyr support and they were not helpful: suggested I use ammo with hard primers. That was annoying, cause I have Glocks, IWI, etc. in 40SW and same ammo worked just fine. Until I found on web one comment, that suggested: problem with 40SW Steyrs not a pistol itself but ... MAGAZINES. Here it is:

"... upon further inspection i narrowed it down to the magazine rather than ammo. The front lip face on the magazine seems to be just an mm too high and the flat face doesn’t help either. I noticed that round #5 would favor a downward movement where the casing face would collide with the mentioned front lip face of the magazine, also in regards to “hard primers” i can say that my 2015+ era S&B ammo have hilariously soft primers considering the fired primer resembles that of a scoop taken out of a tub of ice-cream..."

I filed that 1mm of metal front of all my 6 40SW magazines and I am sure now it fixed the problem.
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