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C-A1 Pistol

C-A1 Pistol

Product Review (submitted on June 20, 2016):
First a little background... I've been an officer now in a large department 700+ officers for 28 yrs. Patrol, Street Crimes, SWAT (12yrs) so I am very experienced in carrying pistols of all makes. I carry an issued Glock 34 on duty because I have to...I bought a Steyr C9-A1 last month to audition as an off duty carry...A couple hundred rounds at the range and I ditched my Springfield XD sub for the Steyr.

With the Steyr I get better ergonomics, no muzzle flip which is common in short barreled pistols and a better combat sighting system. The trigger is the best of all the striker fired pistols and really does put Glock's crunchy pull to shame. The C9-A1 conceals very well, I'm using a custom made Kydex IWB.

Reliability? Top Notch, not one fail to fire or feed. I wish my 1911 ran like this... Don't compromise with a lousy trigger, weird bore axis or lousy grip.....Get a Steyr
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