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Steyr Pro Hunter

Steyr Pro Hunter

Product Review (submitted on May 18, 2016):
You would be hard pressed to find a single knock against the rifle action itself. Perhaps the plastic on the safety if you reached but it has the best safety of any modern I've fired so that's an empty knock. In 6.5x55SE it will hold under 1 MOA with nearly any ammo that I've thrown at it. Often under 0.5 MOA in a stock rifle. The trigger is fantastic. Production rifles are never going to be "Custom" level rifles but this one comes close enough you can touch the outskirts of it.

That said, the downside is the stock. It is *ok* and far better than the first stock I saw the Steyr PH in years ago that was super flexy but it's still more flexible than I'd like by a large margin. Steyr had a wooden stock (Forester) but they liquidated and discontinued them which is disappointing. The composite magazine is fine but plastic trigger guards leave quite a bit to be desired. The perk with adjustable LoP is nice but doesn't make up for the plastic and since no other options are really offered short of going with the $2500-$3000 SM12, you're stuck with the less than stellar stock offering.

Unrelated to Steyr but pertinent to the rifle's one weakness: If you go the Short Action route there is McMillan. Personally preferring wood I'd rather go with Boyds but they are no longer offered unfortunately. I've yet to find another option short of going to a gunsmith specializing in stocks. As well as this rifle performs it's a crying shame.
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