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M-A1 Pistol

M-A1 Pistol

Product Review (submitted on March 3, 2017):
I saw one of these pistols in a LGS a few years ago. It has always intrigued me, but I just never picked one up. I finally got around to getting one and I am very impressed. I wish I had got one years ago. The quality is better than I expected. This is a very well built pistol and the PLUS mags it came with are very good quality as well. The grip angle is a little strange and the sights take some getting used to, but the pistol shoots great and the accuracy is very good. Shoot it best rapid fire...for some reason. I think if Steyr would advertise this " Off The Radar" pistol more heavily, it would be a great seller and a great success. If you are considering getting one...GET ONE!!

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