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L-A1 Pistol

L-A1 Pistol

Product Review (submitted on March 3, 2017):
I saw an L40A1 at a store and loved it but did not want to add a caliber. Ordered my L9A1 from Buds.
I have over 200 rounds through it with no malfunctions
The slide stop was a litle stiff but fixed it with copper never seize.
Ergonomics I rate a 10
I am a righty and do not want weak hand levers
The takedown is on the right, so if you strong side carry its in the right place.
The unwanted internal lock is at least useful for locking the takedown, very nice design.
The slide stop is excellently placed and shaped with little to no sharp edges
The mag button is the best in the business. It is extended in length rather than depth so its just perfect for your thumb.
The Trigger feels comfy with no slap, and the pull is incredible. about like a 3.5 polished Glock.
The grip angle is perfect but has a lot of smooth plastic
I covered that with the Talon grip now its great.
The Sights I initially liked but now have trouble punching paper with them. Target sights would be nice to make available.
The workmanship and finish, markings are a 10
Recoil is incredibly comfortable, I really do not remember it after an hour of shooting.
The gun is big, just slightly under a Glock 21 but would be fine for duty or home defense uses or just fun shooting.

-1 star overall due to the massive slide, smooth parts of grip and the sights.
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