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Steyr Pro Hunter

Steyr Pro Hunter

Product Review (submitted on March 9, 2016):
I have been hunting with my Pro-Hunter for four years in 308 WIN mounted with Vortex HS LR 4-16X50 . I have taken several animals including Elk, Deer and Antelope from 80 yards to 465 yards measured with Leica range finder. I can hit 8 inch plate from 600 yards with no problem. I have owned several rifles and to this date pro-hunter is the best that money can buy. It has superb quality, very well balanced, you don't feel the weight of rifle to be 8 poundish when you shoulder it, I think that is because of the balance of the rifle.

Two concerns I have with the rifle is, it does not have user adjustable trigger and the bolt is not smooth as some other rifles in the market has.
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