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Steyr Precision Rifle I (SPR-I up to 600 yards)

Steyr Precision Rifle I (SPR-I up to 600 yards)

Product Review (submitted on May 4, 2018):
The course was excellent from start to finish, and the environment was conducive to learning both from the casual and relaxed atmosphere and the free discussion allowed. Since this was a fairly diverse group of folks with a common interest, the different perspectives offered up were educational as well. Eduardo's unassuming quite confidence, always a mark of a true professional in his line of work, quickly established the credibility of the materials offered and opened the doors to learning right away. The class did not have to warm up to him at all.

I have been to several different 'Firearms Training Schools" across the country and this was one of the most enjoyable course I have attended. The small group was key to the success. I usually am in class groups of 10 to 20 and feel that the instructors are forced to spend more time with the weaker shooters and the safe ones get left out of the one to one coaching. This is usually due to time constraints. Not so this past weekend. I felt that I got my fair share and came away with the feeling I had encountered a mentor rather than a mere instructor. I was given a level of detailed analysis on my firing position that I had not ever been provided before, or at least in recent years. This was delivered in a very constructive and positive manner in terms that made a lasting impression and will be easy to remember. In fact going over my log book of the past six months on Sunday night, I found several notes on errant shots that now made sense. Simply awesome!
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