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Steyr Elite .308

Steyr Elite .308

Product Review (submitted on October 27, 2017):
I am really picky and I would give this 5 stars were it not for one design flaw: THERE IS NO WAY TO CLEAN THIS FROM THE BORE!

Steyr needs to redesign the stock. There is no way to remove the cheek piece and hence no direct in line access to put a cleaning rod into the chamber and abide by the manual's explicit written directions to clean the barrel in one direction--from the breech to the muzzle.

I am going to have to resort to an Otis system cleaning kit and thread their flexible rod down through the crown to the chamber. This is NOT the ideal way to clean a rifle built for sheer accuracy.

Please, Steyr, come up with a fix for this. It should be relatively easy for your engineers in Austria and let me know when I can get mine upgraded.
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