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Steyr Scout Package

Steyr Scout Package

Product Review (submitted on October 11, 2017):
I have one of the original Jeff Cooper Scouts in .308 and I bought this new one in .243 WIN. It is a joy to shoot. Mind you the limited original, well, second issue, is lighter, has a smoother bolt and a better trigger. I also have a Scout Elite in .308 and this Scout in .243 has a better trigger than the tactical version. It has an excellent trigger. Each rifle is ideal for its applications.

This cat out of the bag was so on target that my buddy and I argued a long time before we decided to adjust the scope merely TWO CLICKS to the left which is 1/4" at 100 yards. My friend shoots left handed. I shoot right handed, so we really got a good take on the break in. He pulls his shots left and I pull my shots right. He is the better shot and his rounds were either side-by-side touching on in the same hole! Mine were not bad but not that good.

MOA? From this one run it appears this is an under 1/2" tack driver. Which is what I want in a soft recoiling flat shooting rifle that will take me into old age.

I do miss the Ching Sling. I will have to get another. Steyr really should include a Ching Sling in the package. That is my only complaint.

The choice of scope is excellent. I am shocked at how clear a 1" tube can be and it is damn light. However, at my age (I finally had to start using reading glasses.) I am going to get a slightly larger scope in order to make this a 600 yard sheep rifle.

It really doesn't get any better than Steyr. Between the safe bolt system and the extra FPS their barrels obtain, it doesn't get any better than this.
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