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Steyr Pro Hunter

Steyr Pro Hunter

Product Review (submitted on January 29, 2016):
I've taken 7 Elk, I shot nothing smaller than 5x5; A large number of Alabama Deer and had the opportunity to take a few,Texas Deer. Most of all having the opportunity to take those KANSAS & OHIO "MONSTER" Deer with my Steyr Pro Hunter in 7mm-08 Caliber was the most enjoyable of all. After 3 Back Surgery's and a knee replacement, I know longer hunt wild game; but I do shoot Benchrest Competition now at "300 & 600 yards" my stock Steyr Pro Hunter in 7mm-08 caliber shoot factory ammo will embarrass these guys with their high dollar custom rifles shooting .308 Caliber an hand loaded ammo.

STEYR --- GREAT Weapons- the Cold Hammer Forged Barrel is extremely Accurate Period- Shot placement is the key to Game shooting.
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