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M9-A1 OD Green Pistol

M9-A1 OD Green Pistol

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  • M9-A1 OD Green Pistol

The Steyr M-A1 striker-fired pistol is a mid-sized, semi-automatic, double-action handgun chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum with a magazine capacity of 17 rounds.

The OD Green M9-A1 has a barrel length of 4” (102mm) and functions as an ideal general-purpose firearm for self-defense carry, home defense and sport shooting. An integrated rail allows for mounting a light or laser and slide-racking grooves at the rear of the slide allow for a firm grip when loading or clearing the chamber.

Additional Information

Green M9-A1

Caliber 9mm
Color OD Green
Magazine 17
Trigger Reset Action (double action)
Grip Frame Synthetic Grip
Dimensions 6.9"x5.35"x1.2"
Barrel Length 4"
Weight 1.7 lbs

Customer Reviews

Why did I wait? Review by Ryan
Last year I went to down Tombstone in Phoenix to buy the P10C. While they were scribbling things on the 4473 I noticed the M9-A1 OD in the case. I had been spying on the M9 for months via the internet’s and I asked to see it. After putting it in my hand for 2 minutes they had to tear up the 4473, inbox the P10C, and start another 4473.
The long wait til the first shots seemed like forever. I did some dry fire manual during the nights until the day came to take her out to Prescott National Forest and prove I hadn’t made a mistake.
As I dropped the slide on the first round it felt very much like the instant before first kiss only the M9 didn’t disappoint.
The trigger is exceptional. The sight system is daunting at the store but live fire it is intuitive and very natural. The gun transfers energy into the hand wonderfully. The ergonomics of the pistol make for 100 percent purchase on the grip and reinforces good hand placement.
The end result of that first day was an unhappy beer can someone had left for me at 40 paces. Ranging beer cans is sacrilege.
Every single shooter I work with and my friends are all jealous they can’t have one because they have invested heavily into Glock apparel.
Now if only trapezoidal night sight. (Posted on 6/20/2018)
New Steyr for the collection Review by RANDY
I am a proud owner of a few of Steyr's great firearms. I have had a SSG 69 w/Kahles scope since the 80's (serial numbered set) and I have had a 1st Gen M40 for about 6 years. Love both firearms so much I though it was time to get the OD Green M9-A1. Shot it for the first time yesterday and it is amazing. I have many of the super polymer guns of all brands and I have to say this new 9mm will be added in to the carry rotation. I can shoot it very well. Keep up the great work!! (Posted on 5/26/2018)
What's Not to like? Review by Philly Boy
This gun is just about in the category of " one gun suits all." Trigger beats Glock by a mile; ergos are great; recoil very manageable; one heck of a handgun. Get one before the late comers wise up! (Posted on 4/23/2018)
Step aside Glock 19 Review by Gregory
This is a great pistol. Low recoil,easy to shoot and very accurate with the unique sights. Grip angle is excellent. The low bore axis its fantastic. It matches my Aug in OD Green. My only complaint is the cost of the mags but I will say they are high quality. How is this gun not more popular!

(Posted on 1/29/2018)
Best! Review by Dan
Everything about this handgun is top notch. Best shooting experience I have ebver had with a handgun. (Posted on 12/24/2017)
its good Review by m110
its a grate hand gun fore the money (Posted on 7/20/2017)

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