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TRUGLO® TFX Sights for Steyr A1 Pistols

TRUGLO® TFX Sights for Steyr A1 Pistols

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  • TRUGLO® TFX Sights for Steyr A1 Pistols
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These TRUGLO® TFX sights will fit all Steyr A1 Pistol Models including the M-A1, C-A1, S-A1, and L-A1. TFX means Tritium + Fiber-Optic Xtreme Handgun Sight. Day or night, TRUGLO® TFX sights are always ready. With an ultra-durable sealed capsule design, solid steel body and a 12-year warranty, TFX sights are built to last and to perform WHEN BRIGHTNESS COUNTS. It features a Smooth, Snag-Free Design that won't catch on clothing and fits standard holsters. Black rings improve front sight acquisition and reduce glare, while the White FOCUS•LOCK ring increases speed and accuracy.

BUILT TO BE TOUGH. We understand the importance of always being ready. In addition to glowing both night and day, these sights are built with a sealed capsule for a FORTRESS FINISH to handle just about anything. The TRITIUM VIAL glows constantly, no batteries required, while the FIBER-OPTIC gathers and directs surrounding ambient light. The HERMETICALLY SEALED TFX CAPSULE provides maximum protection of Tritium and Fiber-Optic elements from oils, chemicals, and cleaning solvents.

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First 200 rounds Review by T-5
I picked up my M9 A1 Tuesday. I fired 100 rds
on Wednesday, switched to the trapezoid sights on Thursday (mine came w/3 dot sights)
fired another 100 rds and I have to say the trapezoid sights are an awesome improvement for my aging eyes. The trigger is smooth and the balance of the M9A1 is great. I will be in the market for another.

Markanthony Sr. (Posted on 6/23/2017)

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