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Pro Hunter Tactical Heavy Barrel .308 Win

Pro Hunter Tactical Heavy Barrel .308 Win

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  • Pro Hunter Tactical Heavy Barrel .308 Win

The Steyr Mannlicher Pro Hunter Tactical Heavy Barrel offers a modern compliment to other traditional platforms. A durable synthetic stock resists weather and rough use and features removable spacers in the butt of the stock to adjust length of pull.

The Pro Hunter’s heavy barrel is 20” with Mannox finish, and the rifle is chambered in .308 Winchester. The barrel comes with 5/8x24 right-hand thread and has a tactical bolt knob. The standard heavy barrel comes with a 20MOA picatinny rail, but a long picatinny rail is also available.

As in other high-performance long-guns offered by Steyr, the Mannlicher Pro Hunter features the Safe Bolt System (SBS), a unique 2+1 safety function that offers 3 settings operated by a wheel switch on the tang of the stock. The fire mode (safety off) is indicated by a red dot; the first level of safe mode disables the firing mechanism and the second level of safe serves to lock the bolt down against the stock and also features a press-to-release tab that locks the SBS switch in the safe position.

Another feature is the 2-stage magazine securing mechanism that uses a first stage that locks the magazine in but allows the bolt to be operated while not engaging and chambering the rounds in the magazine, thereby providing the operator with the option of loading individual rounds by hand while maintaining a full magazine at the ready. One more tap to the bottom of the magazine then seats it in the second stage, which is ready for auto-loading.

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Sweetest shooter I own Review by ZedChild
It's an older model w/26" barrel with a McMillian A5 stock, 10 rd adapter kit, and oversizef tear drop bolt bolt handel, with a vx3 leupold 6.5x20x56mm with 30mm tube. While i do have match grade custom built .308s, my SBS will shoot sub-moa with any, and i do mean any .308 or surplus 7.62 x 51 ammo. Tighest grouping with hand loads Serria match king 168 hpbt and norma brass i get .40 moa all day long. (The other custom rifles may shoot . 25 moa, but only with handloads, factory loads or surplus is often moc=minute of coffee can) With cheap surpluss, it's usually .75moa. if i could only take 1 rifle with me, it would be my sbs tacticle. Barrel now has 3990 rds through it and the groups are still as tight as ever. If the HPA is passed, it will be the frist weapon i'll thread for a can. Only downside was the factory synthetic stock. Shape and all else i liked on the factory dtock, but it would flex laterally. If it had come with a high end fibreglass w/aluminum sub-frame like a Mc,Millian, it would have been prefect. Over the years, i have let clients and friends drive her. They are disbeleiving of the cost of the rifle with the Mc stock. It out shoots their custom 5k "target" weapons. Needless to day, they are green with envy. (Posted on 3/17/2017)

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