1.     Set up game cameras.
Getting as many pictures as possible of bucks or does will give you a better picture of the movement patterns in that area. First and foremost, this will give you an idea of which deer are calling your land theirs. When the rut begins in Fall, you’ll be close by and ready.
2.     Collect and organize data.
Summertime is perfect for long days spent out in the woods looking for deer activity and signs. Document popular trails, game camera photos, and tips from conversations with surrounding farmers or landowners. Write down specific movement and feeding patterns of the deer. All this documented data will let you know which areas are receiving the most foot traffic and what will give you the best chance at seeing a buck during the season.
3.     Plant and maintain food sources.
There is a lot of work to be done during the summer and spring months involving food prep for the deer including mowing, planting, fertilizing, plowing, and testing the soil. This will ensure foot traffic to your desired hunting location and keep the deer familiar with your land. Watch the field for activity to also see patterns of the deer.
4.     Sight in your rifle.
Whether it’s Steyr’s elegant CL II or the reliable scout all-purpose rifle, it is vital that you not only make sure your firearm is perfectly sighted, but you keep practicing, making sure you are dialed in for the upcoming season. Waiting till the week before the season begins means you may be waiting in long lines at the range when you could be getting in that necessary practice. When you finally get a clean shot at a twelve point, do you really want to be unsure if you’ll hit your mark?
5.     Make a plan.
When and where are you going to hunt? Are you going by yourself or with others? Pre-buy your deer-hunting license and review the most up to date laws and regulations. If you are needing to sharpen your long-range shooting skills, consider taking a shooting class like the Steyr Arms Training Academy. With one of the most prestigious names in the business, Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta is a long-range world champion with over 25 years of experience as a military and police sniper.
Taking these steps during the summer will ensure you have a less stressful, more efficient season letting you bag that big buck.