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Steyr Precision Armorer (SPA)

Steyr Precision Armorer (SPA)

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  • Steyr Precision Armorer (SPA)

Course Description

The SPA is a three day (over 24 hour) course that will give you the theory knowledge, hands on practice and skills needed to fully gain Steyr's accuracy potential and maintain it overtime for you or your shop's client. With only 7 students per class instructed by Steyr's Training Academy director Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta, results are insured for all participants. He is a long-range world champion that has over 25 years experience as a military and police sniper instructor and armorer, and is one of the World's Extreme Long Range leaders. The SPA course is not your typical "parts replacement class". Instead of just covering the basics, our "precision" course focuses on the art of assembling and maintaining a precision rifle. This includes all special needs, optics, ammunition, and complex adjustments, making this so much more than a standard Armorer Course. In our personal trainer environment with only a handful of students, our expert will give you the knowledge to gain 100% effectiveness from your Steyr precision rifles, as well as complete repairs and keep them performing at competition/sniper standards. The course will cover all the maintenance, replacement, disassembly and re-assembly procedures, trigger adjustment, and even barrel change. In addition, you will also learn skills not found anywhere else that are custom-tailored to each student's needs. These skills include scope rail selection, scope base types (their advantages and problems), proper fastening and securing of critical compeition or sniper rifle optics, trigger adjustments, advanced stock adjustment, mounting competition or sniper scope systems, advanced optics, and night vision. We will also cover the limitations of certain mounting systems and how to test and evaluate a scope system on how it will perform before you ever take a shot. Having this kind of knowledge about your weapon system will allow you or your client to perform at the very best. In addition, we will cover advanced cero procedures for armorers, no shooting field zero, and how to add custom tables adapted to the real scope, ammunition, and performance for each individual rifle. By using these custom tables instead of standardized tables created for another rifle and scope combination, you will see a huge difference in the perception of your work. At the factory and at the range, we will also test fire our own work. After seeing the results you will never go back to the low-tech, rifle maintenance or zeroing; the difference in excellence will speak for itself. By the end of the course you will be able to maintain, repair, adjust, and zero your Steyr precision rifle and optics at up to long range specs, as well as have a set of tables to support it.

Steyr Precision Armorer is a stand-alone course for those wanting to become better armorers and shooters with excellence in the maintenance and zero procedures, as well as having an advanced knowledge in what makes a precision rifle. The SPA course is a perfect complement to the SPR-I (Steyr Precision Rifle I) course and will allow you to keep your weapon system working under any circumstances.

Course Topics

  • Rifle Maintenance
  • Rifle Function Testing and Scope Tests
  • Rifle Trigger Adjustment and Stock Adjustment
  • Barrel Tests and Replacement
  • Advanced Barrel Cleaning
  • Accessory Mounting, Scope Rail Selection, Scope Base Types (and their limitations)
  • Accuracy Testing and Reporting
  • Ammunition Performance, Testing, and Evaluation
  • Ballistics Tables as an Added Value to Any Armorer
  • Rifle Optics and Maintenance
  • Zero Procedures
  • Night Vision and NVD Mounting
  • Actual Shooting (for testing scope adjustment and zero procedures)

We will also cover advanced cero procedures, no shooting field zero, how to better decide the best zeroes, and how to advise the client on profitting from an advanced zero usage.


SPA: $975

Tuition includes:

  • Classroom Space at the Factory
  • Range Day Fees
  • Written materials and student USB drive
  • Steyr Maintenance Manual
  • Steyr SBS Bolt Tool
  • Steyr Academy Patch and Completion Certificate
  • One Lunch on Range Testing Day


Class begins at 8:30am and lasts until approximately 5:30pm each day. This is a performance-oriented course, so expect to spend more than the planned 24 hours with us. If you plan to travel home by air on the last day, please be prepared to stay in class until 5:30pm. If you have any special travel requirements or limitations, don't hesitate to ask.

Available Equipment

Steyr rental rifles are available for a reasonable fee that can be used for the duration of the course. Match ammunition is included with the rental. During the registration process, please select a rifle type you wish to reserve for the course.

Required Equipment

This course is the perfect place to learn how to maintain and adjust your own equipment.

Minimum Equipment List (MEL):

  • Steyr rifle
  • 40 rounds of your preferred ammunition
  • A hunting or tactical scope
  • Personal cleaning equipment
  • Notebook and writing utensils
  • Hearing and Eye Protection (electronic protection recommended)
  • Drinking water for long range day
  • Clothing appropriate for the weather, including rain gear (we shoot rain or shine, in cold or hot weather)

Optional Equipment

  • Knee and Elbow Pads
  • Insect Repellent and Sun Block


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Click here for more information on Steyr Training Academy and upcoming course dates. Fill out the application to join this course after purchasing here.

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