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All Steyr Academy Courses

  • Steyr Precision Rifle I (SPR-I) is a stand-alone 3 day course for those wanting to become better shooters at ranges in hunting and sports shooting at up to 600 yards.

  • Steyr Precision Rifle II (SPR-II) is the advanced 3 day course that builds on the knowledge gained in the SPR-I course, allowing shooters to reach up to 1000 yards.

  • Steyr SBS Rifle is a 1 day course dedicated to the understanding of the SBS rifle platform from both a user and armorer perspective. Available courses coming soon!
  • Steyr Pistol Armorer & User is a 1 day course that gives students expert experience in both training and maintaining your Steyr pistol. Available courses coming soon!
  • Steyr Precision Armorer (SPA) is a 1 day course that will give you the theory knowledge, hands on practice and skills needed to fully gain Steyr's accuracy potential and maintain it overtime for you or your shop's client. Available courses coming soon!

  • Other courses are on the way! Have a course you'd like see? Tell us here!


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 Meet our Instructor



Steyr's Training Academy director Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta is a long-range world champion that has over 25 years experience as a military and police sniper instructor and armorer, and is one of the World's Extreme Long Range leaders. He is dedicated to teaching you a no-nonsense course in a personal trainer environment and give you the knowledge you need to become a super-accurate Steyr shooter in any condition.




SPR-I: $975

SPR-II: $975

SPA: $300




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About the Academy

What makes the Steyr Training Academy courses different from others? These personal trainer-like courses are custom-tailored to fit your needs, and are not at all standardized like many shooter courses.

The Steyr Training Academy can organize courses at your location or host in Alabama for an even more personalized experience for a small group of Steyr shooters desiring to train together. Private and custom courses are also available for military/police entities customized and certified by our director E.A. De Fontcuberta, who is still an active NATO military sniper instructor himself.

For more information, contact or our customer service department at 205-417-8644.

Steyr Arms makes super-accurate rifles; Steyr Academy makes custom-trained, super-accurate shooters.



Register for Upcoming Courses

Submit an application to attend upcoming courses in the Steyr Training Academy.* All courses will be held at Steyr Arms training facility listed above unless otherwise noted.

SPR-I: July 12-14, 2018 - COURSE FULL

SPR-I: August 26-28

SPR-II: September 20-22 (ONLY SPR-II course this year!)

SPR-I: October 25-27

SPR-I: November 15-17

SPR-I: December 13-15

*By submitting an application you are not automatically guaranteed a spot in the course. You must complete course purchase. If the option to purchase for a certain course/date is unavailable, then all spots for the selected course/date are full. 


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